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Fiber supplements made from psyllium such as Metamucil can help with constipation and regularity, lower cholesterol, and even reduce appetite. Tests by the organization, Consumer Lab, show that many are contaminated with lead and animal by-products.

For many years I have been telling my patients to use Metamucil as a fiber supplement on a daily basis. Recent testing has shown that this product is contaminated with significant levels of lead. If you are using this product you should stop and use one of the following instead.

Yerba Prima Psyllium, whole husk

Now Psyllium husk capsules

Organic India Ramgi

Although they did not test all psyllium products, the other ones that were tested had lead levels that were not acceptable.

The husk of the psyllium seed is about 90% fiber, most of which is soluble fiber. This can attract and bind water, absorbing about 10 times its weight in water. In the gut, the soluble fiber occupies volume and slows digestion leading to fullness and helps regulate blood sugar. It also softens and adds bulk to the stool. This can help prevent both constipation and diarrhea. The gel may also bind to and reduce the absorption of a variety of compounds and can lower your cholesterol.

I suggest taking a teaspoon of one of these fiber products on a daily basis with a good amount of water. I no longer recommend Metamucil.

  • Dr. Mike

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