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Summer time is in full swing and most of us (with the exception of those special few…. who we envy) could afford to shed a couple pounds. This isn’t about being a size 0, or obtaining your high school wrestling weight – that isn’t important and can be dangerous- this is about losing unnecessary body fat that can be contributing to your diabetes, blood pressure issues, joint pain, and more.

If you’ve tried several diets but have found yourself struggling, then maybe you would be a good candidate for the ketogenic diet. What makes the keto diet different from other diets is the state of ketosis that your body is deliberately put in. Okay……but what is ketosis? Ketosis is when your body stops burning carbohydrates for fuel and starts breaking down and burning fat for energy.

The basis of the ketogenic diet is that 75% of calories should come from a fat source, 15-20% from protein and 5-10% from carbohydrates. There are test strips that are used during the process to check the urine for ketones to ensure you are properly in ketosis.

We, at Action Medicine, currently have an ongoing study of 1 with our own Dr. Mike. He has been following the diet faithfully and is feeling better than he has in years, decreased his joint pain, and lost 25lbs. He has found the diet easy to follow and has come up with many creative recipes.

Listen, diets are hard and often short lived. You need a lifestyle change. The best one for you, if I’m being honest, is the one that you can stick with while achieving your optimal health. If the Ketogenic diet sounds like something you are interested in, we have an amazing resource right here in our office. You can make an appointment today that can change how you live the rest of your life… for the better!


-Brooke Rieth FNP

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