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Bugs and Barns number two

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This is Dr. Mike checking in. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. This week we’re going to update you with what you need to know about Covid-19, but also bring you up-to-date on the barn.

Currently the barn is mostly down and the process has been whipping me into shape. We are on our second 30 yard dumpster. Once the demolition is complete we will have to side the remaining barn. I did update my tetanus vaccine for this occasion and I did step on a nail. Remember to update your tetanus shot every 10 years. Have it include pertussis which will protect you against a type of pneumonia.

Now we know that up to one out of every four people can carry the virus without their knowledge. This explains how the virus can spread without a known contact. One of my patients who works in a nursing home got himself tested without symptoms and he tested positive. He was told to stay home for seven days which I think is a bit arbitrary. How long does an asymptomatic carrier of the virus remain infectious? We don’t know. We do have a test at our office that will tell us if you are immune or not. It is run through the KBMO lab in Massachusetts and does both IgM (recent infection) and IgG (past infection and immunity) at the same time. It costs $175 and insurance does not pay for it. The results are usually available in 24 to 48 hours. I tested my staff and my family and they were all negative. Testing to see if you are carrying the virus can take a while and not readily available. CVS has recently set up a testing center in Lowell Massachusetts with results in 20 minutes, and they are setting up new sites all the time. You can access this through their website. You do need an appointment, it is free and you need a photo ID.

Stay safe and continue to use masks when you’re going into areas where there are others.


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