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As I write this, we are down to 154 new covid 19 cases as of yesterday. This is pretty amazing, given what is going on in the rest of the country. It would be very easy to start to get less vigilant with our social distancing and mask wearing. Trust me, 90 degrees with facial coverings can get a little swampy, but we need to remain on guard.

Unfortunately, 2020 isn’ t done with us yet. Florida, Texas, California, and several other states are seeing covid surges which are starting to take a toll on their resources. Some areas are reversing directions and imposing more restrictions. Businesses there are needing to close yet again for the greater good. THIS IS AVOIDABLE.

There is more and more evidence coming out that mask wearing works to decrease transmission rates. Social distancing works. Hand washing works. Covid 19 isn’t going away, but we have the tools in our toolbox to prevent another outbreak as widespread as what we saw earlier in the year.

There is misinformation going around the internet about masks (shocking, I know). With the exception of certain medical conditions, the common mask myths are wrong. For instance,  “wearing masks will cause me to breathe in too much carbon dioxide” – it won’t. “Mask wearing will not allow me to get enough oxygen” – you’ll be fine. (Honestly, surgeons perform lengthy procedures, in masks, every day. There is not a rising surgeon body count to the best of my knowledge.) “Wearing masks will increase my risk of getting sick” – if worn correctly, it will not. Yes, if you do not wash a soiled mask or are touching/adjusting your mask all day, you risk contaminating it. However, if you put it on, don’t touch it then take it off and wash it (or dispose it) at the end of the day, getting sick would be quite unlikely.

So please don’t be “that” person freaking out in a grocery store because you were asked to wear a face covering. The employees are just doing their job and the shoppers just want to avoid getting sick or bringing something back to their loved ones. Plus, you’ll wind up on youtube and we’ll all make fun of you.

  • Brooke Rieth FNP
  • Dr. Mike

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