AGES 0 – 20 | $45 / MONTH

AGES 21 – 40 | $65 / MONTH

AGES 41 – 64 | $85 / MONTH

AGES 65+ | $105 / MONTH

Homebound – $150 / MONTH

Couples – 10% discount

Families – $250 / MONTH

Veterans – 10% discount


Small business and family rates available. Veterans, first responders (police, fireman and EMTs) and students will also receive 10% off. There is a 10% discount for patients who pay for an annual membership in advance and in full. Please inquire at our office for further details.

To note: a membership with Action Medicine DPC does not constitute health insurance. Read more here.

Labs and many medications are going to be available at low corporate rates.


The existing model is not sustainable, with insurance telling doctors what to do. The premiums keep going up, and insurance keeps wanting to cut services.

With healthcare as it is currently practiced in the US, you never know what your bill is going to be.

We want to give you peace of mind. With Direct Primary Care, for the cost of a monthly cell phone bill, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that if you need to see the doctor, you can.

No surprises. No hidden fees. Just quality time with your doctor who cares about you.