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Here at Action Medicine DPC, we want to connect you with all of the resources that can have a positive impact on your health. When you’re healthy, we’re happy! And we want to do more than just help you when you’re sick. We want to help you stay well.

That is why we offer Pure Encapsulations vitamins, the most pure vitamins on the market, to help you stay healthy, or ward off a cold. These are 100% pure supplements made in Massachusetts and they are extremely effective. When you come into the office, our doctor might recommend some of these high quality, high potency vitamins for you. You can buy these from our front desk staff on your way out.

But keeping you healthy isn’t just about vitamins.

It’s about you as a whole person.

What you eat, how you exercise, and even the thoughts you have can have a serious impact on your health.

Here are some practitioners that we currently partner with to help you stay healthy. See calendar for upcoming classes with these and more wonderful partners.

Acupuncture -Acupuncture can be used for neck and back pain, smoking cessation, and more.
South Shore Community Acupuncture Community acupuncture is a trend that is sweeping the US. In this form of treatment, you get acupuncture in a room with others, it’s group acupuncture, all of you leaning back in easy chairs. Because many of us cannot afford consistent acupuncture treatments, we tend to get one or two treatments, and then stop. But acupuncturists know that the best way to have an impact in your health is to have consistent treatments. For those of us who want to have acupuncture on a regular basis and have a limited budget, community acupuncture can be a real solution. Community acupuncture most often uses Japanese needles.  Located at 21 Totman St, Quincy, MA.