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Direct Primary Care allows you to have a direct relationship with your doctor.

Your doctor can take more time with you, and you are spared the hassle of wrangling with insurance companies.

For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill, you can receive direct, primary health care services that are tailored to your individual needs.

From your annual check-up to general questions about staying healthy, Direct Primary Care offers you access to care across a spectrum of health concerns.

The monthly membership covers your primary care by providing open access to our services. No more long confusing phone trees! We are much more available to you.

Feel free to visit us in our office, call us when you need us, text us, or email us.

You will be covered with your annual physical exam; up to 19 sick visits throughout the year; guaranteed same-day or next-day appointments; access to Dr. Tremblay via his personal cell phone and e-mail. E visits are also included.

You can schedule your annual wellness exam, receive basic office procedures, and optimize your health while under our care. In addition, we are currently negotiating at-cost laboratory testing, at-cost imaging services, as well as whole-sale medications. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. 

Read more details here about what is covered

No it is not insurance nor does it replace it.

Insurance is an important part of specialist and hospital care. Similar to automobile insurance, our health insurance system was originally designed to pay for rare, unpredictable, and extremely expensive problems. It is essential when patients need emergency care or an operation and chemotherapy treatments, care provided by specialists and hospitals.

Your insurance plans will continue to operate “as usual” at other doctors’ offices, hospitals and pharmacies. Some plans do not require a designated “gatekeeper” doctor for referrals, medications, tests, and the like, so Action Medicine can order those services as needed just as any other doctor would do. Some HMO-style plans do require an “in-network” primary care doctor for access to other services, so these plans do not pair as well with membership at Action Medicine. Please check with your insurance company.

Just sign-up for the monthly membership, enroll in the easy monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment system and start accessing great care. It’s that simple.

See our pricing page for more.

AGES 0 – 20 | $45 / MONTH

AGES 21 – 40 | $65 / MONTH

AGES 41-64 | $85 / MONTH

AGES 65+ | $105 / MONTH

Small business, family, veteran and student rates available, inquire for more information at your first complementary appointment.

To note: a membership with Action Medicine DPC does not constitute health insurance.

At Action Medicine, we accept patients that are on Medicare; however, we do not bill Medicare, nor can the patient bill Medicare for primary care services that we provide.

Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, services by specialists, and hospitalizations that meet Medicare program requirements and criteria.

Other doctors might spend 10 minutes with you, and never get to the root of your problem. Because the insurance companies pay by number of patients seen, this encourages medical professionals to spend as little time as possible with patients, because of their high overhead and cost of wrangling with insurance companies.

Why? In a traditional primary care practice, doctors are compensated based on how they code and the quantity of patients they see. In a direct primary care practice like Action Medicine, time devoted to the doctor-patient relationship is prioritized in order ensure that the DPC doctor gets to fully know his or her patient, including important factors such as stressors, lifestyle, and exercise routines. In this way, DPC doctors are able to provide true quality care to their patients.

By cutting down on the panel size of patients from approximately 2,500 patients to 600-800 patients, doctors working in a direct primary care practice are able to enjoy unrushed time with patients; patients have easier access to appointment times that meet their scheduling needs; patients are guaranteed to see their doctor, not another provider; patients are able to reach out to their doctor via e-mail and cell phone.

These are just some of the benefits of a direct primary care practice like Action Medicine.

But doctors who truly care, like Dr. Tremblay, want to get to know you, and find out your whole medical history, as well as uncover factors that other doctors might miss. This is why we now practice direct primary care.


  • A direct relationship with your doctor
  • Fewer patients = more time with your doctor
  • Your health and wellness are the priority
  • Call us at any time, email us, or text us
  • Potential to save hundreds on labs, imaging, and prescription meds
  • Clear and consistent pricing
  • Peace of mind

We are also offering more services, specialties, and resources for your heath to help you stay healthy!

Yes! As Family Medicine Physicians, we provide care for patients of all ages and stages.

We understand that your needs may change, and we want to help you through whatever transitions you’re making. If you need to cancel, we would appreciate a 30 day notice. If you sign up for a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual term and decide to cancel, your remaining, pro-rated balance will be refunded without a hassle.

If you would like to re-enroll, please contact our office.

The hope is that by spending more time with your primary care physician, the need to refer you to a specialist will decrease significantly.

However, in the event that you do need to be referred to a specialist, Dr. Tremblay will personally call the specialist on your behalf in order to try to schedule an expedited appointment.  Dr. Tremblay will also continue to work with specialists in the area.

You should call 911 immediately. As with all family practice doctors, your direct primary care doctor should be there for you-but in emergencies, every primary care doctor will want you to call 911 and go to the emergency room.

We are still working on making arrangements with DPC-friendly labs to provide services at modest prices.

Full list to come.

Dr Tremblay and his nurse practitioner, Brooke Reith and staff will help you. Learn more about our team here.

You can call our office at 781-767-0910

To begin the enrollment process,  just click here

We are located at 175 North Franklin Street, Holbrook, MA, 02343 2nd floor

If you get lost, just call 781-767-0910 and we will direct you.

Our Office Hours are Monday Through Friday, 9-5 PM.

Special hours by appointment.

Click here to begin the new patient process.

Just email us at [email protected], or call 781-767-0910

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

NOTE: We recommend that you do not send personal medical information via email for your own privacy and protection, but do feel free to contact us!

Our members enjoy a variety of products and services that help them stay healthy. You see, we believe in preventative medicine, not just seeing you when you’re sick. We want to help you look and feel your best!

So we offer Pure Encapsulations vitamins, the most pure vitamins on the market, to help you stay healthy. See our specialties here.

PLUS, we partner with different service providers to offer classes and treatments at a low-cost or discounted rate. See who we partner with here

Are you ready to sign up for direct primary care?

Sign up with us today and receive a complimentary first visit. Contact us with any questions.

* Billing information is optional, you will not need your billing information until after your first visit. You will not officially be a patient until after your first visit which is complimentary.

What Our Customers Think

Dhawal Shah
Dhawal Shah
September 7, 2022.
Best experience for my medical exam. Action medicine team was awesome to work with. They stayed in touch thru the process and did everything perfectly. Would highly recommend
Erika Verkkonen
Erika Verkkonen
August 25, 2022.
We needed to do the medical exam for i693 form for a family of six. Since the first call to the Action Medicine DPC I felt confident, Max gave me the initial information and Marisa gave me a call back explaining all the process and answering all my many questions with knowledge and patience. Overall the whole process for completing the i693 forms went really fast and smoothly and was a really great experience. I highly recommend the Action Medicine DPC!
Official Djara
Official Djara
June 24, 2022.
Words can't express how easy,comfortable and professional they make things be and even follow you up on details and procedures.i would recommend anyone and everyone to take a shot with Action Medecine.thank me Later.the hospitality is simply magnificent.
Maria Luiza Dantas
Maria Luiza Dantas
June 15, 2022.
I am very happy with my experience at Action Medicine. It was the best experience ever. People there were very nice and gentile.
Nandish A
Nandish A
June 14, 2022.
Had a very good experience here. Max called and helped me setup the appointment and most importantly he accommodated me for Friday when he called on Wednesday. Appointments are very easily available. The facility is very clean everything new and updated. I had 3 in my family who needed I 693 so Brooke and Maria both worked in parallel to speed up the process. Both explained us the process and hand held us every step. We were in and out in about an hour. Brooke gave us a list of proof she needs and responded every time I submitted or had a question. In just 3 days my report was ready and sealed. When I went to pick it up, Brooke explained every single question every single page (3 times, for me , my wife and my son) without hesitation and without veins. I am very happy to visit them and highly recommend them. They are the best in the business. I visited them based on my friends circle recommendation.
Sunila Bhave
Sunila Bhave
May 22, 2022.
Marisa was knowledgeable, helpful and kind. She was transparent about the process and took time to explain everything. Thank you Marisa for all your help in getting the forms filled out in time! Appreciate it!
Kosaku Aoyagi
Kosaku Aoyagi
May 4, 2022.
The best experience ever! All people were so kind and caring. We went to this place for an immigration medical exam and Marisa took care of all paper works and exams cautiously and perfectly. They understand how nervous we were and provided thorough cares and information. Their fees were competitive, too.

how to find us

Located at 175 N. Franklin Street
Holbrook, MA 02343, we can be found on the second floor.  

Our office entrance is in the back of the building.

how to find us

Located at 175 N. Franklin Street
Holbrook, MA 02343, we can be found on the second floor.  

Our office entrance is in the back of the building.