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I’d like to talk a little bit about fasting. My definition of fasting is no food consumption for at least 48 hours. Yes , you read this correctly  and are probably thinking “I could never do that “. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase.

The reason people have a hard time going without eating is because they are carbohydrate addicted and therefore have carbohydrate toxicity. This involves high levels of insulin which keeps them hungry (Hangry) all the time. Once you do a water only fast past 36 hours, you use up your stored sugar .The feeling of being hungry diminishes .  You’re now in a state of ketosis where your body is burning fat rather than sugar.

You should focus on drinking plenty of water. Black coffee, tea and a good quality bone broth are also allowed. Try to do a two day fast to start. Each time you fast it gets easier. I personally have done three,  five day fasts and one seven day fast.

Most people lose 2 pounds a day but half of that is water weight which returns during refeeding. The result: you lose weight, you save money, enjoy more free time, feel better and you lose fat while maintaining muscle. It is a no brainer.

Studies have shown that if you do a five day fast twice a year, you will live an average of three years longer than others your age. When you fast or do the ketogenic diet, your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease decreases. Cancer risk diminishes because precancerous cells and cancer cells need sugar to replicate. When sugar and insulin levels go down, your immune system can kill these abnormal cells more easily. Dr. Valter Longo and others are using fasting with more main stream treatment to fight and sometimes cure cancer patients. If this interest you, check out the links below.

~Dr. Mike and Action Medicine team





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