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Getting your Immigration Medical Exam Check-Up and I-693 form, step by step!

Are you or a family member immigrating to the United States? If so, we can help you! As a USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon (immigration physician), Dr. Tremblay provides physical examinations for the I-693 forms. If you need to get your immigration physical exam for your immigration appointment, please call us: 781-767-0910. 

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Before scheduling your appointment for immigration physical exam I-693:

Please sign up here

If there is a question you don’t know the answer to, you may skip the question and we will follow up in the office.

After you sign up, you’ll get an email notification confirming the online enrollment process.

1.) Do you have evidence of your vaccinations?

If so, please bring that. All valid immunization records are accepted (even from abroad). If you don’t have evidence of your vaccinations, we will need to get your vaccinations before you complete your immigration medical checkup.

Which vaccinations do you need for immigration physical exam I-693?

2.) Bring your picture ID (valid driver’s license, workplace employment ID, or foreign passport)

3.) OPTIONAL: Medical insurance card (if you have one) Lab work can be billed to insurance.

4.) Payment (our fees are very competitive) 

Physical exam: $300 per person

The three labs necessary to complete the i693 form (Syphilis, gonorrhea, and tuberculosis)

Varicella & MMR titers: 

Tdap (tetanus) in-office price: $80

5.) Review the I-693 form Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record.

6.) Please call the office at 781-767-0910 to schedule the appointment. We can usually schedule same-day or next-day appointments as long as you have already signed up online.

During your visit:

Dr. Tremblay, USCIS Civil Surgeon (immigration doctor), will give you the physical examination for the I-693 forms.

What is the immigration physical exam like?

The provider will perform a normal physical and will also order a chest X-ray and blood test as needed. Please plan accordingly as the exam can take about an hour.

We use Quest Diagnostics for lab work which takes one week to get back. Lab work can be billed to insurance through Quest Diagnostics.


After your visit:

Our turnaround with lab results and paperwork is generally one week.

At the end of the immigration physical exam I-693, if all requirements are met, you’ll get a copy of the I-693 paperwork and another one in a sealed envelope which you’re responsible for mailing to USCIS. If additional copies are needed, they are available for $50 each.

Your immigration medical checkup is valid for 60 days for the purpose of the I-693 form.


Thank you so much for choosing us for your immigration physical exam! We hope to see you again soon.

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