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Mark your calendars: Spring arrives March 20th!

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Yes, I know. We live in Massachusetts where we could very well be having a blizzard that day, but something to look forward to is nice. So, listen, my gardening friends. This is a blog where I am going to turn the microphone to you. I’d like to know what you are planning on growing and when you would start seeds indoors.

Is this a thinly veiled attempt to gather knowledge from people much more experienced than I am? You betcha. Listen, I have to battle woodchucks, turkeys, squirrels, the occasional deer, and rabbits. Generally, they win. They exploit my weakness as an animal lover and know I won’t harm them. Clearly, they are emboldened and eat any seed spread out of unprotected areas with reckless abandon. I’m just trying to get an advantage before it is officially “game on.”

Also, while I’m at it, if anyone has good tips for keeping pests away, I’m all ears. I’m down for anything from sprays to dressing in a giant woodchuck outfit to lure them to a different location. The repellent spray didn’t work. Well, it repelled my husband and I, the animals, including my weirdo dogs, seemed to find it awesome and took it upon themselves to wear it as a new and fashionable cologne.

So that’s it. No talk of medicine, politics, vaccinations, or our current pandemic. Just plants. Help a girl out. The struggle is real.

~Brooke Rieth, NP & Action Medicine team


“Don’t tell secrets in the garden.

The Potatoes have eyes, the Corn has ears, and the Beanstalk”

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