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Action medicine is a direct primary care practice. This is not concierge medicine. For a relatively small monthly fee we can be your primary care doctor. This is a direct relationship between the patient and the physician. We do not bill insurance and there is no copayment. We have same day and next day visits. You can contact us by text messaging, email or telephone whenever you like. This is taking medical care back to the way it should be.

I transitioned to a direct primary care practice a year ago and have had much more time to read, write and research healthy lifestyles for my patients. I have brought new healthful living ideas to my patients such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, food sensitivity testing and revolutionary diets like the ketogenic and the plant paradox diet.

Direct primary care is a fee-based practice. For a low monthly fee we provide practically all primary care and urgent care needs without the interference of insurance companies. There are no co-payments and you have same day appointments, to be seen when you need it, not 2 weeks later.

My journey into direct primary care came over a year ago when I was practicing traditional medicine. I was so stressed out that I took little time for exercise, and at 6 feet tall, I found myself around 230 pounds. My joints were all starting to hurt and I could hardly get my motorcycle boots on. My clothes no longer fit,  I felt poorly, and I was not sleeping well.

I first heard about the ketogenic diet on the Tim Ferriss podcast so I bought a few of his books and did some online research. This diet seemed ideal for many of my patients, but I needed to try it on myself first.  So, in early April 2018, I decided to go for it. Six months later, I am happy to say that I am now 30 pounds lighter and below 200 pounds, which was my first goal.

More importantly I feel great. My mental clarity has improved. My joint pains have all but gone away. No problem with my motorcycle boots. My pants are baggy, and I had to break out clothes I have not worn in more than 10 years. I feel more spring in my step and I’m sleeping better. My menu has been varied and I am experimenting with new types of cooking and lots of new recipes.

If this is inspiring you to take charge of your own health, as well, come see us for a visit. I’d love to sit down and speak with you. Stay tuned next month as our blog will cover the keto diet, with helpful suggestions, in a little more detail.


-Dr. Mike

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