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Taking control of your health in 2019

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    There are less than 2 weeks between now and the start of the new year. We all think about how we want to get in shape, eat better, and become that idyllic version of ourselves that seems so easy to do but is yet so unattainable. (You may be wondering where I’m going with this, stay with me.)

     My point is that New Year’s resolutions tend to fail because of lack of support, or of time, or of motivation. You set out with the greatest of intent, but life tends to have other plans and you eventually find yourself perched on your counter top, late at night, eating chips straight from the bag for dinner. (Or this could be just me.)

     But what if it could be different?

     What if you started 2019 with a group of people who you could depend on 24/7? What if you had people supporting you, encouraging you to meet your goals, helping you when you got stuck and being there to support you when times were hard.

     If this sounds too good to be true, then you haven’t looked in to direct primary care. Healthcare is more than what you pay for when you’re sick. Healthcare is caring for the mind, body, and soul. It is about keeping you healthy, so you don’t get ill in the first place. It is about celebrating the victories, no matter how small, with our patients when they stick with a healthy lifestyle intervention – whatever that means for them. Healthcare is about truly caring for a person’s health in all areas of life.

     Here at Action Medicine we have supported people through their all their varying healthcare needs. Sometimes, this has been through helping them find the right diet and encouraging them to stick to it, with great results.  Sometimes, it has been helping someone out with an easy fix so they didn’t have to miss work or be inconvenienced.  And other times, it was just being present for someone who was going through a tough time. No medication can take the place of a compassionate ear.

     Take care of your health in 2019 with true healthcare. We’d love to discuss your concerns and help you reach the goals you have set for yourself in this New Year. We know that personal goals can start to seem intimidating once the work begins but we encourage our patients to keep going, to take small steps, focus on daily achievements and eventually all that effort will pay off. We’d love to help you do the same. The first visit is complimentary, so feel free to come down and check us out.

  • Brooke Rieth NP

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