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Thank you for an incredible year!

fixing our broken sleep

As 2020 is ushered in, we reflect on 2019.

Lots to be thankful for, especially the continued support of our patients who stayed with us through this transition away from corporate  style medicine; bringing back healthcare the way it used to be.


We participated in health fairs, attended medical conferences to help us become more informed about advances in understanding and treating health issues.

Dad at Healthfair1

We held wellness classes /workshops on: nutritional cooking, strategies for emotional balance, meditation, yoga, massage, reiki, acupuncture, diet/exercise, CBD & medicinal marijuana, and “Fixing our broken sleep.”

fixing our broken sleep
Fixing our broken sleep lecture

yoga class direct primary care

During the last week of 2019, we went caroling to some of our home bound patients.

singingblog scaled

Our community based outreach activities included a toy drive for foster children, a food drive for Holbrook food pantry, and making “welcome home baskets” to help homeless families through Father Bill’s/ Mainspring shelters.

a picture of a woman holding some paper towels, surrounded by donations with a woman from Father Bills
Our welcome basket drive for Father Bills was a success!

About a dozen 3rd year medical students from Tufts University rotated through our site offering a fresh, bright component to our practice.


We welcomed a new canine addition to our staff- Joey, therapy puppy in training.


In October, we celebrated our 2nd birthday/anniversary being a direct primary care practice.

a woman with dark brown hair stands on the left, smiling, and a doctor on the right smiles at the camera. They stand in front of a desk where a young man is answering the phone
Here we are at our second year anniversary!

Small employers who struggled with rising health care coverage for employees joined our DPC practice. We’re able to provide easy access to family medicine needs in a comprehensive, affordable & personal way.


We encourage you all to join us for our future health events in 2020 which may be found on our website calendar and in personal email invitations.


Lastly, what would you like to see with Action Medicine in the coming year? How may we help you reach your goals?


Our team wishes you the very best of health,

office group photo



Dr. Mike, Brooke, Danielle, Max & Jane

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