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Thank you to our patients

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To our patients,

When we left the conventional health care model last year, our future was uncertain. Health and healthcare were becoming big business. The human element was being forcibly removed from the day to day interactions with patients to make more time on the schedule to squeeze in another encounter, necessary to meet a predetermined quota. This was never what being a provider was supposed to be about.

Action Medicine opened it’s doors a year ago, October, with the goal in mind to provide healthcare as it should be. Our patients have the option for hour long appointments which allows us to get to know them and address all their concerns in one visit without having to make them reschedule, pay another co-pay, and take more time off work. We are also able to cut down on the need for specialists as, without time constraints, we can do more in the clinic.

As we celebrate our one-year Anniversary, we want to thank you, our patients, for your support throughout this process. We realize that this was a relatively unfamiliar model for healthcare, but you believed, like we did, that there could be something better that the status quo. There was a little learning curve in the beginning as we got our systems up and running, but you stuck by us and we are ever appreciative. We look forward to an exciting second year with you!

Thank you all,

Dr. Mike, Brooke, Jane, Danielle, and Max

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