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The Holidays are Coming!!

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So, we’ve been posting all year about how to eat right and get healthy. You’ve taken our advice, you’re feeling healthy and doing well. Nothing can stop you now…or can it?

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the beginning of the holiday season is upon us. From here on, there will be pies, cookies, cakes and other tasty seasonal goodies.

How can you enjoy an occasional treat and still maintain a healthy weight thereby preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, and other complications? Well, by intermittent fasting, of course.

Intermittent fasting can allow you to have an occasional treat and still maintain control over your caloric intake and how those calories are used. Hmm, still on the fence? Let’s take a look at reasons that fasting could be a good solution for you.

  • It’s simple. Eat nothing and drink water, tea, coffee, or bone broth.
  • It’s free! Actually, it’s better than free, it saves you money by reducing the amount of food you need to buy during the week.
  • It’s convenient. Not only are you not planning, shopping, and preparing foods; you will have extra time to do all those things on “the list.”
  • YOU CAN ENJOY TREATS! (it was so important it had to be capitalized) Everyone should be able to enjoy an occasional treat. Many diets tell you that you can never have goodies or sweets. Fasting restores the ability to occasionally indulge.
  • Fasting is powerful. One of the quickest ways to reverse adult onset diabetes if fasting (according to Jason Fung, a diabetic specialist).
  • Fasting is flexible. You can fast wherever and whenever you want. You can start short and work your way up to several days. If for some reason, you don’t feel well, all you have to do is eat and try again a different time.
  • The biggest advantage to fasting is it can be used with any diet. It is the most convenient thing you can do and it helps reduce most causes of mortality.


Dr. Mike

Brooke Rieth NP


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