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    Hello to all of our awesome patients! I recently took a small break to go down to Florida and visit family and friends. Yes, it was amazingly hot. No, I would never live there again. However, despite the heat, I was able to relax, sleep in, and enjoy some down time. This is what has brought me to this week’s post about self-care.

We are all programmed to work hard, sleep little and relax rarely. I see this all the time with my patients who, when asked about vacation time, tell me they have around 100 unused hours. They cannot remember when they last went away even though their employer will literally pay for them to go.

This is horrible! We deserve better. When you finally go away and relax, your blood pressure improves, your stress levels improve, your mood improves, you improve. Relaxing is good for your health.

If you don’t think your health is enough of a good reason to take a much needed break (which is concerning!) then consider your performance at work. Getting away and unwinding will make you a much better employee. You will be more focused and efficient at your job.

If the idea of going away seems like more work than…well… work, consider a “stay-cation”. You don’t need to be swept away to an exotic island in order to relax. Laying in the hammock in your backyard and reading a book can be just as therapeutic and physically going away. Skip the stress of packing and airlines and take your vacation right where you are.

You are amazingly valuable, so take care of yourself. You have (not that you need it) permission from Action Medicine to sit back, put your feet up, and lose yourself in a good book. (Just remember to turn your phone off – checking work emails doesn’t count!)

Brooke Rieth NP

Dr. Mike

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