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Third Anniversary of Action Medicine, couldn’t have done it without you!

dog with a birthday hat to celebrate Action Medicine's third anniversary
dog with a birthday hat
dog with a birthday hat

October 1st is the third anniversary of Action Medicine, DPC!

Wow! We couldn’t have done it without you!

I would like to thank all of our patients for placing their trust in us and continuing to support us in this most unique medical model that is catching on across the United States. I would also like to thank Brooke, Max, Danielle and Jane for all the hard work to get us up and running.


Our History

2016: We researched and planned!

In 2016 after contemplating retirement from the moral injury of traditional primary care, Jane and I read about a new model called direct primary care. Instead of dealing with insurance companies you make an affordable contract directly with your patients and have nothing to do with insurance billing. By lowering overhead (eliminating insurance filing administrative costs) we see fewer patients in a given day and spend more time with each person. Same-day visits are possible and patients can communicate virtually through phone, text, email or video chat.


We did our research, went to conferences and interviewed other doctors who already went through the process and it took about a year to get all the paperwork and logistics done. We had to disentangle ourselves from corporate medicine and all of the insurance contracts we were put in by our prior organization and this was no small task.


2017: We opened!

October 2017 was a busy month. We sold our building to Dr. Salem who is the dentist downstairs and did a build out on the second floor to be our new home. It took several months to accomplish this but we did it! Our patients were very happy with the new space.

About 200 of our original patients stayed with us from the previous practice, thank you all so much for believing in our new direct primary care endeavor!


2018 & 2019: We Grew and Had Fun!

Our practice grew slowly but steadily.

What a great time we were having as a medical practice! This was the first time in about 20 years we could say that.


Why are we having such a good time?

Because we used to have 30 patients per day, and we could only work on one or two problems per visit. Now our schedule only allows eight patients a day, spending an hour to go over as many issues as needed. This system helps us practice preventative medicine, better for the patients! We will cap our growth at 400 patients per provider instead of 3000, to allow for more personalized care.

As a result of a more relaxed schedule, I was able to do more research and bring more information about wellness back to my patients. For the first time I could remember, I came to work and left work with a smile on my face. I actually felt like I was doing some good.

Thank you for being part of the future of medicine with us.

-Dr Mike

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