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You’re finally getting over that cold, completing your antibiotics, but then… Ugh… what is going on inside your mouth?? Your tongue stings, feels raw and (OH MY GOODNESS!!) there are white, patchy spots on your tongue.

First, relax. You are not being taken over by body snatchers. What you likely have is a case of Thrush. (an overgrowth of a type of fungus. Fungus! I know!) “But isn’t that mostly seen in infants?”. Well, yes, it is common in infants and newborns but it can affect adults as well. Typically, we see thrush in adults that use corticosteroids, antibiotics, immunosuppressive drugs or have other health conditions such as diabetes or dry mouth.

Diagnosis is made by a health care provider in the clinic and treatment is generally a prescription strength anti fungal mouth wash. Keep in mind, while thrush is the most common culprit there are other serious conditions that should be excluded. So, if your tongue looks like it’s going through some changes you don’t approve of, give us a call today!

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