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Why is yoga for me? Spring into yoga with us!

Ellie Cushing Yoga Teacher
Ellie Cushing Yoga Teacher
Join Ellie Cushing in a fun all levels yoga class! Just call us at 781-767-0910 or email us [email protected]
Yoga isn’t just for granola eating, extremely flexible people (not that I’m hating on granola or flexible people). Yoga is for people of all ages and abilities.

Why, you ask, is yoga for “me?”

Allow me to explain. Yoga consists of a series of body positions geared towards lengthening and stretching the muscles while working on controlled breathing and meditation. It has been shown to be very beneficial for stress reduction… and who doesn’t need less stress! For those of you that wish for a more scientific explanation, yoga reduces stress by reducing cortisol levels in our body. Cortisol is our stress hormone. It causes inflammation and can lead to heart disease. It is also elevated in anxiety and depression.

Do you have high blood pressure?

If so, you might like to know that in previous studies, yoga after 10-12 weeks was associated with decreased anxiety levels in participants, decreased “bad” cholesterol levels and decreased inflammation in the body. So, is yoga a cure for everything? Of course not! However, those that practice yoga regularly report an over all improvement in their perceived quality of life. You don’t have anything to lose by trying. You don’t even have to go into a yoga studio with people you don’t know, if you’re interested, as we will be having all-levels yoga class here at Action Medicine taught by Ellie Cushing (pictured above).

Join us in the next yoga class is Sunday March 10thth at 10am-11am. Space is limited so call 781-767-0910 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot.

Remember it’s daylight savings time,  set your clocks an hour earlier, and join us! No matter your level of ability or disability, we have poses that will work for you.  Feel free to bring a friend! There you have it, the benefits of yoga brought right to your front door through your own health clinic. You don’t need any special equipment and we have extra yoga mats for those without. We hope to see you Sunday! Namaste, Brooke Rieth NP  and the Action Medicine Team  

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