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Happy New Year everyone! As I write this, we are just completing our first week in the new year, and what a week it has been. Hopefully, 2021 will slowly get itself under control and allow us to return to some semblance of normal.

In the meantime, I thought it might be nice to focus on something positive: THE VACCINE. The key to going back to restaurants, to traveling, to hugging our friends, to talking and laughing with reckless abandon. (I guess we will have to start wearing something other than pj bottoms though. That part is kind of a bummer).

So, THE VACCINE, (yes, I will keep putting it all caps), who gets it? Well, according to the current guidelines from now through February, the vaccines will go to health care workers, long term care facilities, first responders, congregate care centers, and home health care workers. Feb-April individuals with 1 comorbidity (like diabetes, blood pressure issues, COPD, etc), teachers: early education and K-12, grocery, utility, food and agriculture, sanitation, public works, and public health workers, adults 65+. April-June the vaccine will be available to general public.

Keep in mind that these guidelines may change, and I am but a mere messenger of current facts.

Also, just a friendly reminder that we are going to try to keep a small pantry going outside our office so if you know someone in need, or are in need yourself, please feel free to stop by. Conversely, if you have canned goods or other non-perishables you’d like to drop off, we are accepting everything from paper products to dried goods to canned goods.

I hope this little blog finds you all happy and healthy going in to the new year. Stay safe, keep wearing your mask, and be well 😊

Brooke Rieth FNP

Dr. Mike

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