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Covid Cases on the Rise

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It’s no secret that the covid case numbers are up across the nation. Massachusetts has seen our less than 1% positivity rate creep up to almost 3%. I get it. Everyone is burned out. We’re tired of social distancing. We’re tired of isolation. We’re tired of not doing anything. It absolutely stinks.

Unfortunately, we cannot let our guard down. The fact that the pandemic is still raging right when we are supposed to be coming together with our family over an ill-fated bird is hitting a lot of people particularly hard.

There are ways to safely come together for the holiday season. They are, of course, not without risk, but for people determined to have some family gatherings this holiday season, there is a smart (wicked-smaht) way to go about it.

  • Keep it small. This is not the year to have 40 people over at your house. Close friends or relatives only.
  • Quarantine. Quarantine. If you plan on getting together with a small group of people, you should all agree to really self-isolate for 14 days before getting together to minimize the risk of picking something up beforehand. Nobody wants to be remembered as “Covid Mary” (Instead of “Typhoid Mary”…see what I did there).
  • Get tested. If you have been self-isolating for 14 days, get a covid test. Nothing is 100%, but a period of isolation and a negative covid test is about as good as it can get right now.

Obviously, this is not a green light for get-togethers. Nor is this a fail safe way to avoid getting sick – anytime there are social gatherings the risk for exposure is going to go up. However, we know that people are going to do what people do. So, we would just like to offer advice for the safest way to go about your business this holiday season.

Please stay safe and take care of one another. – Your socially distanced Action Medicine Team.

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